Wendy Williams' Ex-Husband, Kevin Hunter, Faces Dramatic Downfall

Wendy Williams’ Ex-Husband, Kevin Hunter, Faces Dramatic Downfall

In a stunning turn of events, Kevin Hunter, the ex-husband of talk show host Wendy Williams, finds himself in the midst of a chaotic downfall, facing a series of setbacks in both his personal and financial life.

The saga began when Kevin’s fiancée, Sharina Hudson, reportedly dumped him, marking a significant blow to his personal life. What makes the situation even more complex is that Sharina is now suing Kevin for child support, indicating a tumultuous legal battle ahead. Sources suggest that Wendy Williams might be intricately involved in this messy situation, reveling in what appears to be a manifestation of karma.

Wendy, known for her straightforward and often humorous approach, has not shied away from mocking Kevin amid his misfortunes. The talk show host had endured years of Kevin’s infidelity, including a long-term affair with Sharina while still married to Wendy.

Kevin Hunter's Request To Resume Wendy Williams Alimony Payment Denied

The affair, which began in 2009 and continued for a decade, was financed with Wendy’s money. Kevin spared no expense, buying Sharina a house worth over seven hundred thousand dollars, setting up failed businesses, and even supporting her financially. Despite Wendy’s knowledge of the affair, she chose to turn a blind eye until Sharina became pregnant in 2019.

Wendy, devastated by the betrayal, filed for divorce, orchestrating a strategic move to fire Kevin from his role on her talk show on the same day she served him with divorce papers. The divorce settlement included alimony payments from Wendy to Kevin, an arrangement that seemed to favor Kevin’s financial stability. However, a clause was secretly included in the agreement, stipulating that Wendy would no longer be obligated to pay alimony if her contract with the talk show was not renewed.Who Is Wendy Williams' Ex-Husband, Kevin Hunter? - Where Is He Now?

When the Wendy Williams Show got canceled in 2021 due to Wendy’s health issues, Kevin found himself without a steady source of income. His attempts to appeal the decision and plea for financial assistance proved futile, and he faced mounting bills and legal fees. In a desperate move, Kevin put his house up for sale, his last remaining asset.

Sharina, quick to distance herself from the financial fallout, reportedly left Kevin and moved back in with her mother. Not long after, she took him to court, seeking child support for their daughter, Journey. The insider reveals that Sharina, despite being aware of Kevin’s financial struggles, is demanding a substantial amount in child support.

The dramatic turn of events has left Kevin Hunter in dire straits, prompting him to take legal action and express his financial woes publicly. Meanwhile, Wendy Williams allegedly revels in the unfolding drama, considering it poetic justice for Kevin’s past actions.

As the legal battles and personal struggles continue, the public watches in astonishment, speculating on whether Kevin Hunter will face the consequences of his actions or if this is just another chapter in the ongoing saga of a tumultuous celebrity divorce. The streets are abuzz with opinions, and the drama seems far from over.

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