Spice & Safaree CLOWN Erica Mena After She Gets Fired...Spice & Safaree Having An Affair???

Spice & Safaree CLOWN Erica Mena After She Gets Fired…Spice & Safaree Having An Affair???

Erica Mena, known for her role in Love and Hip Hop, has recently been terminated from the show following a tumultuous altercation involving her, Spice, and her ex-husband Safari. The situation has escalated even further as Erica brings forth evidence hinting at potential infidelity between Safari and Spice.

The drama unfolded in the latest episode, where Erica and Spice engaged in a heated argument, exchanging harsh words. Regrettably, Erica directed an offensive slur towards Spice, leading to immediate repercussions.

The roots of the conflict trace back to Erica’s past marriage with Safari, which was marred by toxicity. Despite having children together, their divorce was acrimonious, with Erica accusing Safari of being a negligent father. The bitterness between them has lingered, and recent events only intensified their strained relationship.

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Fans speculated that Erica harbored jealousy towards Spice due to Safari’s seemingly warmer relationship with her. Safari, in a controversial move, recorded Erica bad-mouthing Spice and played the recording for Spice, altering their amicable relationship.

Adding to the chaos, Erica expressed resentment towards Safari for his emotional reaction to Spice’s serious health scare last year. According to Erica, Safari’s intense concern for Spice contrasted sharply with his apparent lack of emotion during Erica’s health issues.

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To resolve the escalating tension, Shekinah mediated a lunch meeting between Erica, Spice, and Safari. Initially denying any ill feelings, Erica eventually admitted to being upset about Safari’s emotional reaction to Spice’s health, indicating a hint of jealousy.

The confrontation between Erica and Spice reached a breaking point when Spice accused Erica of self-pity, and Erica retaliated by bringing up sensitive topics involving Spice’s son. The situation deteriorated further as Erica resorted to using a racial slur against Spice, sparking widespread outrage among fans.

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The network, facing mounting pressure from fans, eventually announced Erica Mena’s termination from Love and Hip Hop. Critics argue that the network’s delayed response suggests a reactive decision rather than a proactive stance against offensive behavior.

Insiders have reported that both Spice and Safari are indifferent to Erica’s firing, believing it was a just consequence for her use of a racial slur. Allegedly, behind the scenes, Spice and Safari have been mocking Erica for her actions.

Adding a twist to the saga, insiders reveal that Erica’s initial outburst against Safari stemmed from suspicions of his involvement with Spice during their marriage. Although lacking concrete evidence, Erica perceived Safari’s emotional attachment to Spice as confirmation of an affair.

The ongoing saga has captivated fans and sparked debates on social media. Many condemn Erica for her offensive language, while others question the network’s handling of the situation, emphasizing the need for timely action against inappropriate behavior.

As the Love and Hip Hop drama continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how the show’s dynamics will shift without Erica Mena and the repercussions of her actions on her personal and professional life.

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