Rory Feek and 8-year-old daughter Indy sing sweet duet: ‘She was so proud of herself’

Rory Feek and 8-year-old daughter Indy sing sweet duet: ‘She was so proud of herself’

There’s an incomparable joy in sharing your passion with your child.

When Indiana “Indy” Feek was just a tiny baby, she would join her parents, Rory and Joey Feek, onstage during their performances.

Even after Joey’s heartbreaking battle with cervical cancer, which she lost when Indy was only two years old, Rory continued to perform, and little Indy remained a presence onstage with her father.

Recently, Indy expressed her desire to perform alongside her father, and Rory was quick to oblige.

PAPA WHAT IF - rory+indy

“It didn’t take me but a moment to think of which song it should be – one that I’ve known and loved for years. Actually for decades,” the country singer wrote on his blog.

Rory helped his daughter learn the lyrics to a song he had taught his oldest daughter, Heidi, when she was Indy’s age. The chosen song? “Daddy What If” by Shel Silverstein.

He typed out the lyrics and added drawings next to the parts Indy would sing. Rory also made a small lyrical change, replacing “Daddy” with “Papa,” as that’s what Indy calls him.

Indiana practiced tirelessly, and her determination paid off.

“She was so proud of herself and so happy that she could sing a real song with her Papa,” Rory shared.

By Christmas time, Indy was ready to join her father onstage and sing the song in front of an audience filled with people who had traveled from across the country to be there. It was an incredibly special moment for both father and daughter, as well as the surprised concertgoers.

After this heartwarming onstage performance, Rory had an idea: what if they recorded the song in a studio? What if they created their own video for it?

In honor of Father’s Day, Rory released the touching song featuring the father-daughter duo.

Rory took a moment to reflect on the significance of this experience, thinking of his own father, Joey’s father Jack, and their older daughters, Heidi and Hopie. He expressed gratitude for the gift of fatherhood and marveled at Indy’s growth into a beautiful young lady who shares the same love for music that was inside her mother.

Their duet is not just sweet and moving; it’s a testament to the enduring bond between a father and his daughter. Here’s hoping we get to witness more beautiful moments of Rory and Indy singing together.

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