Rihanna goes unsupported as she wears nothing but a coat (and NO bra) for dinner in LA

Rihanna goes unsupported as she wears nothing but a coat (and NO bra) for dinner in LA

Rihanna has never been particularly modest when it comes to her fashion choices.

And the 27-year-old singer was certain to keep up with appearances as she arrived at Giorgio Baldi in Los Angeles wearing only Daisy Duke-style cut-off jeans and a knee-length light jacket.

With nothing else to cover her, only one ʙuттon prevented Rihanna from having a huge wardrobe malfunction on Saturday night.

Baring it all: Rihanna arrived at Giorgio Baldi in Los Angeles on Saturday, wearing a very revealing outfit

Perhaps to make her baring-it-all style more apparent, Rihanna pulled her hair into an up-do and wore only stud earrings and a collar-style necklace.

She did wear dramatically dark lipstick and black eyeliner, but the Stay singer seemed to go light on the makeup otherwise.

It was the singer’s clothes, however, that attracted all of the attention.

Near miss: Thanks to a strategic ʙuттon, Rihanna was able to just barely conceal her otherwise unencumbered breasts

Rihanna’s shorts – light-blue denim cut so high that the pocket hung out below the frayed lower seams – were quite racy on their own.

Shapely legs were therefore fully exposed to the ankle, where elaborately fastened black sandals protected Rihanna’s feet from the road.

As for a top, that was essentially non-existent, thanks to Rihanna’s choice to go bra-less underneath a beige, Eastern-style cardigan.

Lots of skin: The combination of Daisy Dukes and a barely decent cardigan meant that Rihanna's skin was fully on display

With no undershirt worn either, Rihanna left much of her chest visible.

The only concession to modesty came in the form of a single black ʙuттon, fastened at mid-stomach so that nipples were at least covered.

Meanwhile, Rihanna’s animated children’s film, Home, is set to open within less than one week.

Simplicity: Her outfit creating all the stir she needs, Rihanna opted for a messy hairstyle and simple facial makeup

In the movie, she voices Gratuity ‘Tip’ Tucci, a teenage girl who befriends an alien named Oh (voiced by Jim Parsons) while searching for her mother.

Rihanna provided a song for the film, Towards The Sun, in addition to her acting role.

Not content to just make a movie, Rihanna has also been releasing new music periodically since 2015 began.

Musical offerings: In addition to voice-acting in Home, Rihanna has been releasing new music via social media over the past few months

FourFiveSeconds, a collaboration with Kanye West and Paul McCartney, was released via Twitter on January 24.

The single from Home and another new song called Higher were debuted on social media as well.

It is rumoured that the songs are all part of an expected eighth studio album from Rihanna.

Possible album: An eighth studio album containing some of the new songs is expected but has not yet been announced


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