Rachel Zegler RAGES After Getting Roasted By Daily Wire Snow White Remake

Rachel Zegler RAGES After Getting Roasted By Daily Wire Snow White Remake

In the ever-evolving world of Hollywood, where creativity and controversy often collide,

one name has recently captured the spotlight in a whirlwind of emotions and opinions: Rachel Ziegler.

Known for her mesmerizing performance as Maria in Steven Spielberg’s remake of “West Side Story,”

Ziegler had been on an ascent to stardom that seemed almost unstoppable.

Rachel Zegler stirs backlash over old comments about Disney 'Snow White' live action

But, as the saying goes, great fame comes great scrutiny, and Ziegler found herself at the center of a social media storm, all thanks to her upcoming role as Snow White in a remake by The Daily Wire. What happened next can only be described as a rollercoaster of reactions as Rachel Ziegler rages against the tide of controversy, leaving fans and critics alike in anticipation, bewilderment, and debate.

Disney’s latest “Snow White,” Rachel Zegler, found herself in hot water as she faced heavy criticism on social media. Daily Wire host Matt Walsh and several others joined in the chorus of disapproval as she continued to criticize the original film. In a recently resurfaced video, she went so far as to label the Prince as a “stalker.” The controversy surrounding Zegler and her outspoken views on the beloved classic continues to spark heated debates and discussions across the internet.

In response, Walsh shared a message on his platform, addressing his 2.4 million followers. He tweeted, “Disney is trying a really interesting marketing strategy where the star of the new ‘Snow White’ spends a year before the movie’s release publicly talking about how much she despises Snow White.” Conservative radio host Dana Loesch jokes, “[T]hey probably couldn’t have a Prince Charming in this one because Snow White is so annoying that he’d just let her continue napping.” Brandon Morse, editor at Red State, kept it straightforward with his response. “Disney’s own actors are tearing down Disney’s legacy.”

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Due to this, Rachel Ziegler has been through quite a rollercoaster ride lately, and she’s not holding back when expressing her feelings. It all began when some major Hollywood studios started blacklisting her and taking away some big roles. Disney, in particular, didn’t even invite her to the premiere of Snow White 2024. But wait, there’s more to this drama! You see, the Daily Wire is a new player in town. They’re making their own version of Snow White, called “Snow White and the Evil Queen,” starring Brett Cooper. This twist on the classic tale has hit a nerve with Rachel Ziegler, and this feud has been brewing for weeks.

The interesting part is how The Daily Wire approaches Snow White. They’re going all out to make it a faithful and, in their words, “accurate” version. They’re sticking to the classic portrayal of Snow White and the Evil Queen, and they’re not holding back. Co-founder of the Daily Wire Jeremy Boreing said, “It’s taken 100 years to build Disney,” Boreing further added, “We know we aren’t what Disney is today, but we hope in time we might become what they were, once upon a time: a little studio with big ideas and the courage to chase them. … While Disney still uses Walt’s name, they have all but abandoned his legacy.”

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This will mark the inaugural live-action film to be released by Bentkey, the Daily Wire’s new kids’ entertainment division. Although no official release date is available, the teaser indicates that the film is on its way and will be hitting screens soon. In a press release, the company referred to the House of Mouse, a well-known term often used to describe Disney. It said, “Amid a tumultuous time for Disney, with its live action Snow White star Rachel Zegler publicly disparaging the classic story, contributing to already plummeting favorability ratings for the once-iconic company, The Daily Wire announced Monday it will make its own live-action adaptation of the Brothers Grimm fairytale.”

At first, some conservative folks weren’t thrilled about the casting of Zegler, a Latina star from “West Side Story,” to play a character originally described as having “skin as white as snow” in the Brothers Grimm story. They also raised eyebrows when they saw that the seven dwarfs, once central to the story, had become a diverse group of magical beings with different sizes and genders. Then, the 22-year-old Zegler stirred the pot when old comments from last year surfaced during the summer. She didn’t seem too keen on the original Snow White movie, hinting that the new one would bring a whole new twist to the beloved character. It’s safe to say, there’s been quite a buzz around these changes!

Now, Rachel Ziegler is ready to speak out against this whole Snow White battle. She’s not happy about the controversy around changing the race of characters, and it seems even Disney has given her the green light to defend their decisions in interviews. Stay tuned because this showdown is far from over!

Now, even though she’s still not part of the premiere, here’s a crucial update on this ongoing drama. Rachel Ziegler persuaded Disney to let her express her views on social media, specifically Twitter and YouTube. Her target? The Daily Wire and Brett Cooper and their version of Snow White. It’s rather unexpected, but Disney has given her the go-ahead. They appear to see The Daily Wire’s Snow White as a real challenge and an insult to their own creations, which could impact their bottom line.

Ziegler is clearly holding a grudge against Brett Cooper’s Snow White, and the drama behind the scenes at Disney has sent ripples throughout the entire studio. This clash of titans is drawing the gaze of Hollywood fans far and wide. Rachel Ziegler, well, she’s not exactly known for taking criticism with a smile, especially in a situation like this.

You see, The Daily Wire is having a blast, purposely poking fun at and playfully ribbing Disney’s Snow White, the movie that stars Rachel Ziegler herself. Now, this is where it gets interesting. Picture this: Next year, we’re in for an epic showdown. It’s like a head-on collision between Snow White and the Evil Queen brought to you by The Daily Wire and Disney’s Snow White. It’s a clash of storytelling giants that’s got everyone buzzing!

Ziegler is about to kick off a unique campaign. She will wear t-shirts supporting her version of Snow White, where they’ve swapped the character’s race. But that’s not all. Behind the scenes, things are getting pretty intense for Ziegler and her team. It seems like Disney has given her the green light to speak out against The Daily Wire’s version to use Ziegler as a direct spokesperson. They’re firmly in her corner. Even those t-shirts she and her team are planning have Disney’s stamp of approval. And that’s not all! Disney is also talking seriously with Comedy Central about an upcoming South Park episode. They’re really not happy about it, especially because it’s poking fun at the idea of race and gender swapping in Snow White.

On the other hand, the Daily Wire’s Snow White is all about sticking to the original story. They’re urging everyone to watch their version rather than what they call Disney’s “atrocity.” It’s a battle of creativity and values and getting more intriguing by the minute!

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