P!nk breaks silence to reveal the grim details of her shock ‘medical emergency’

P!nk breaks silence to reveal the grim details of her shock ‘medical emergency’

P!nk, known for her energetic and unique performances,

recently faced a setback that forced her to cancel some of her upcoming shows on the Summer Carnival 2023 tour.

The singer shared details about this “medical emergency” through social media, explaining the reasons behind the postponements.

In an Instagram post, P!nk expressed her apologies to the Tacoma ticket holders,

announcing the postponement of two shows scheduled for October 17 and 18 due to “family medical issues that require our immediate attention.”

She acknowledged the inconvenience this might have caused and sent her love and best wishes to everyone. Additionally, P!nk mentioned that Live Nation was working on rescheduling the affected shows.

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Subsequently, P!nk provided further information about the situation after another round of cancellations, this time for shows in Vancouver, Canada. In a statement posted on Instagram, she disclosed that a doctor had advised her not to perform due to a diagnosis of a respiratory infection. She expressed deep apologies to her fans and assured them that Live Nation was actively working to reschedule the affected shows.

P!nk concluded her statement by expressing her excitement to perform in Vancouver in the future and sending well wishes to everyone’s health, accompanied by lots of love.

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Fans and well-wishers are sending their thoughts and prayers to P!nk, hoping for her speedy recovery.

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