Playboy Named Me the Perfect Woman, but I’m Concealing a Significant Secret

Playboy Named Me the Perfect Woman, but I’m Concealing a Significant Secret

Model Janaina Prazeres was absolutely thrilled to be named the ‘perfect woman’ by Playboy. However, the 35-year-old is hiding a big secret when it comes to her looks

A model who was reportedly voted to be the ‘perfect woman’ by Playboy in Norway admits she’s hiding a big secret.

Janaina Prazeres was thrilled to receive the accolade by the famous ᴀᴅuʟт magazine and has plenty of fans online, with more than 50,500 Instagram followers on her @janaina3 account.

However, the 35-year-old model reveals her appearance isn’t all-natural – in fact she’s far from it – as she’s gone under the knife several times. Janaina reveals she’s spent a whopping £250,000 on plastic surgery to enhance her look, and says being beautiful is “the secret to a better life”.

“I love feeling more beautiful, I always try to make my self-esteem high,” the São Paulo, Brazil, native revealed. “This is the secret to a better life. So, if I can invest in it [my beauty], I don’t save.”

She added: “With all the surgeries, I have already spent around $300,000, (£247,633), and I will definitely spend more.”

Janaina claims to have undergone liposuction and high-definition liposuction, two nose jobs, boob jobs, ʙuттock bioplasty, facial bioplasty, as well as hormonal implants and had a rib bone removed. She’s also undergone non-invasive procedures.

The model said: “We have to take advantage of what medicine offers. Choosing to have surgery is a strategy, as I am unable to dedicate myself to dieting. I tried different diets and realised that some help immediately, but for me it is not advantageous.

“They are very regimented and become difficult to fit into the routine. I think the scalpel solves everything easier, the diet requires us to adapt to a new lifestyle and I’m not willing to do that.”

The model reiterates that it is necessary to always choose a path with beneficial results for the body and the soul. Janaina also keeps on top of her mental health and has weekly appointments with a psychologist.

She added: “I think it’s essential to go to therapy. It’s an incredible and effective methodology. The most important thing is to have care and love for ourselves and not be so critical. Looking at the good side of life is always persisting in our dreams.”

Janaina takes part in bodybuilding, cardio training and electrical stimulation too and has a personal trainer to help her gain muscle. She added: “I eat balanced meals, with proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates. I avoid soft drinks and sugar but I can’t do without fast food. I like doing my surgeries but I don’t abandon my body.”

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