Matthew Perry's heartbreaking last interview before death

Matthew Perry’s heartbreaking last interview before death

Matthew Perry gave advice to those going through addiction in one of his last videos posted to Instagram in November 2022.

In a final interview posted to his page before his death aged 54 on Saturday, 28 October, the Friends star spoke to the camera and said:

“I want people to understand that they’re not alone… their behaviour is not insane… they have a disease and it’s not their fault.”

The clip was released to promote the actor’s memoir, Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing, in which he wrote about addiction to alcohol and painkillers.

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On Instagram, Gwen Stefani expressed her honor at wearing Vivienne Westwood’s designs for the first time.

She said, “There aren’t enough words to describe how fantastic it felt to put on Vivienne’s clothes for the first time.

She creates timeless, original works that no one can match.”

Stefani said, “Vivienne was unlike any other; she will be one of my favorite designers for the rest of my life.”

Westwood had a major impact on her style and fashion. Westwood’s creativity and impact on millions were lauded.

Loved by family, fans, and the fashion business, Vivienne Westwood died at 81. The loss affected her husband Andreas Kronthaler and their children Derek Westwood and Joseph Corré. Joseph created Agent Provocateur lingerie to commemorate his mother, Derek, a famous fashion designer.

The homage followed Gwen Stefani’s Instagram video, which first hinted at happy news then revealed that she and Blake Shelton were not pregnant. Blake admits, “Those boys are and will always be my family.” He is Gwen’s stepfather to Apollo, Zuma, and Kingston. He wants to help them and share life’s greatest moments.

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