Lauren Miller Rogen Shares Her Gratitude After Brain Aneurysm Removal

Lauren Miller Rogen Shares Her Gratitude After Brain Aneurysm Removal

Lauren Miller Rogen, who is married to Seth Rogen, went through a health scare last year. She spoke about it at an event in Beverly Hills. Her mom and grandmother had dementia, so she was worried about her own brain health.

About five years ago, she got a full body MRI to check for any problems in her body that could affect her health. The doctors found a small bulge in her head called an aneurysm. This was scary for her because she didn’t want to end up like her great-grandmother.

Lauren had regular MRIs to keep an eye on the aneurysm. For four years, it stayed small, but in the spring of 2022, it started getting bigger. She met with a brain doctor at UCLA who answered her questions and made her feel comfortable about the surgery to remove the aneurysm. She had the surgery and had follow-up appointments to make sure her brain was okay.

She thanked the doctor and the UCLA staff for helping her through this scary experience. She also made a joke about not dying at the dinner table.

In February, Lauren and Seth talked about how humor helps them deal with tough situations, especially when they cared for Lauren’s mom, who had Alzheimer’s disease. They said comedy is a natural way for them to cope with things.

They started a nonprofit called Hilarity for Charity to raise money for dementia care and research. Lauren’s advice to others with a family history of brain issues is to learn about their genetics and talk to their doctors about it. She believes it’s important to take care of our brains and not be afraid to learn about our health.

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