Kidada Jones SLAMS Jada Pinkett Smith For Lying On Tupac

Kidada Jones SLAMS Jada Pinkett Smith For Lying On Tupac

A TikTok creator accused Jada Pinkett Smith of lying about being proposed to by late rapper Tupac Shakur while he was imprisoned at Rikers Island, has learned.

TikTok user Jess in Miami (@jesstheprequeldoesmiami) said “Jada’s lying” about the slain rapper popping the question in 1995,

a year before his murder, and claimed, “I have the timeline to prove it.”

jada pinkett smith accused of lying about tupac
Jada claimed Tupac proposed to her during her visit to Rikers Island in 1995.

In the TikTok video, Jess told her viewers, “I can’t handle these f—— lies anymore” in regard to Jada’s claims, which were revealed in a snippet from her upcoming memoir, Worthy, out October 17.

jada pinkett smith accused of lying about tupacJada Pinkett Smith’s claims about Tupac proposing to her were called out.


In the memoir, Jada claimed that Tupac proposed when she went to see him at Rikers, where he briefly served time before being transferred to another facility after being convicted of sexual assault in 1995.

The video creator said Jada’s “math isn’t mathing.”

jada pinkett smith accused of lying about tupac
SOURCE: MEGAThe video creator said the claim was part of Jada’s current ‘pay attention to me tour.’

As the TikTok creator introduced the timeline of the alleged proposal, she slammed the Red Table Talk host and claimed, “Jada is currently on her pay attention to me tour.”

While on her “pay attention to me tour,” Jess said Jada was issuing “wild claims” that she aimed to debunk, beginning with the timeline of Tupac’s incarceration for rape.

Tupac was found guilty of raping fan Ayanna Jackson in 1995 and was subsequently sentenced to 1.5 to 4.5 years behind bars. The rapper instead only served nine months before Death Row Records co-founder Suge Knight bailed him out in October 1995.

jada pinkett smith accused of lying about tupac

The creator highlighted Tupac’s marriage to Keisha Morris at the time of Jada’s alleged proposal.


Jess noted that Tupac only spent his first month at RIkers before he was transferred to Clinton Correctional Facility, which created an extremely narrow window of potential in-person visitation time for the actress.

“She specifically said she went to see him, this was not on the phone,” Jess added before she played a clip of Jada discussing visiting Tupac at Rikers on the All The Smoke podcast.

Jess then addressed Tupac’s relationship with Keisha Morris, which took place at the same time as the alleged proposal.

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jada pinkett smith accused of lying about tupac
SOURCE: MEGAJada met estanged husband Will Smith in 1994 and began dating in 1995.

“Tupac already had a girlfriend named Keisha,” the creator continued. “He proposed to Keisha —her words in a September 2011 interview—he proposed to Keisha before he even went into prison, they were already engaged. They got married in April.”

When Tupac was transferred to Clinton, Morris moved nearby and saw the rapper “on a near daily basis.”

“So you’re telling me that in the two to four-week window that he was at Rikers, engaged to another woman, who had moved closer to the prison and was there almost every day, Tupac proposed to Jada?”

“You might be saying to yourself ‘Tupac wasn’t known to be a one-woman man, he was no angel.’ Fair enough,” the creator said as she introduced Jada’s relationship with estranged husband Will Smith.

“Let’s see where Jada was in January of 1995, which we have established is the only time she’d be able to see Tupac at Rikers, Jada had already met Will Smith in 1994,” Jess said, noting the pair met while she audition for his hit sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

At the time, Smith was married to Sheree Zambino, so the couple started dating a year later following his divorce.

“Jada, when in all that time, did you visit Tupac in Rikers and get this f—— proposal?”

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