Khloe Kardashian Reveals How Kim Is Trying To Steal Tristan Thompson From Her

Khloe Kardashian Reveals How Kim Is Trying To Steal Tristan Thompson From Her

They may now be exes, but Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson‘s co-parenting bond never goes out of style.

In fact, the former couple share more than just daughter True Thompson: they also have the same taste!

Khloe hilariously slams Tristan for copying her home decor in a never-before-seen Keeping Up With the Kardashians bonus scene, calling out his lack of “creativity” when it comes to designing his house.

“We do this in our family with all of us,” Khloe tells sister Kim Kardashian in the exclusive clip. “I’m like, ‘Oh, you have this pillow? I’m not going to tell you but I’m going to get like 10 of these pillows and have them all around my house.'”

But, Tristan takes it a few steps too far. “You know how outside I have, like, these twinkle lights outside over, like, the trellis?” Khloe continues. “He did that. Like, it’s fine. He’ll copy so many things that I do.”

Kim responds, “That’s cute. That means he likes your style and he wants it to be comfortable.”

Even True will feel right at home in both spaces, and, as Kim suggests, Tristan’s pad could be like a second home to her, too.

“Maybe even, like, when you move and you need a place to stay, instead of renting, you can feel comfortable in his place because it has all your vibes,” Kim notes. “You’ve got to look at the positive. Have to be positive. It’s not negative.”

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Khloe clarifies, “I’m not really annoyed. I’m not, I just think it’s funny. I’m like, ‘OK, I see you.'”

The Good American founder teases, “But I’d rather it just be like, ‘Hey, Khlo, who did you get to do those?’ Why can’t you just have the talk with me? I’m sure it’s the same thing, because I don’t know. I’m assuming he takes the photo and sends it and gets it done.”

Kim is tempted to steal Tristan’s phone to confirm. “I want to look in his phone and see how he gets his inspo!” she jokes.

“But it’s cute that he even wants to do that,” Khloe muses. “I guess most guys in their 20s are not really worried about that.”

Kim says with a laugh, “God, Tristan is in his 20s?”

Watch the hilarious clip above to see if Tristan’s imitation really is the best form of flattery, plus learn North West and Penelope Disick‘s own decor tips on how to build a proper pillow fort.

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