Justin Timberlake DESTROYED By Michelle Williams FOR SHIZZ in Britney Book!

Justin Timberlake DESTROYED By Michelle Williams FOR SHIZZ in Britney Book!

In a recent online sensation, Michelle Williams,

the acclaimed actress, has brought

the audiobook of Britney Spears’s memoir to life with her side-splitting rendition of Justin Timberlake.

The snippet, which has quickly gone viral, showcases Williams’ incredible talent and sense of humor as she reenacts a memorable passage from the book.

Michelle Williams' impression of Justin Timberlake is viral - Los Angeles  Times

The audio excerpt begins with Williams channeling Justin Timberlake as he reminisces about his boy band days in *NSYNC. Timberlake’s musings touch upon the group’s connection to hip hop culture, drawing a distinction between *NSYNC and their contemporaries, the Backstreet Boys. Timberlake reflects on *NSYNC’s efforts to immerse themselves in the hip hop scene, even suggesting that they might have tried too hard to fit in.

However, it’s not just the words that Williams masterfully mimics; it’s also the subtle inflections in Timberlake’s voice that she captures perfectly. The highlight of the reading comes when Timberlake exclaims, “Oh yeah, F is FES genuine, what’s up, homie,” in reference to R&B artist Ginuwine. Williams’ delivery of this line, including the expletive, is nothing short of comedic brilliance, leaving listeners in fits of laughter.

The internet quickly caught wind of Williams’ impressive impersonation, and the clip has been widely shared and praised for her impeccable rendition. Some have even suggested that she deserves a Grammy for Best Spoken Word for her outstanding performance.

Michelle Williams to Narrate Britney Spears Memoir 'The Woman in Me'

This particular part of Britney Spears’s memoir sheds light on the cultural appropriation debate that has surrounded Justin Timberlake throughout his career. In the passage, Britney Spears hints at *NSYNC’s efforts to align themselves with Black artists and culture, while also commenting on the Backstreet Boys’ different approach. The reading has reignited discussions about Timberlake’s history of cultural appropriation, a topic that has been raised by prominent figures in the African-American community.

Notably, figures like Swiss Beatz and Vic Mensa have criticized Timberlake for his perceived cultural appropriation, accusing him of benefiting from Black culture without sufficiently supporting or giving back to it, particularly in times of racial injustice and social struggles.

Michelle Williams’ comedic take on this controversial excerpt from Britney Spears’s memoir has undoubtedly added fuel to the ongoing conversation about Timberlake’s relationship with Black culture and the implications of his actions throughout his career.

In the end, Michelle Williams’ memorable reading has not only provided some much-needed levity but also reignited important discussions about cultural appropriation in the entertainment industry. As the clip continues to circulate online, it remains to be seen whether Justin Timberlake will respond to the resurfaced debate about his past actions and decisions.

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