Jason Derulo Faces Serious Allegations in S*xual Harassment Lawsuit

Jason Derulo Faces Serious Allegations in S*xual Harassment Lawsuit

In a startling turn of events, pop sensation Jason Derulo is now at the center of controversy as fellow singer Emaza Gibson accuses him of s*xual harassment during a collaborative project. The allegations, detailed in a lawsuit filed on October 5th in a Los Angeles court, paint a troubling picture of Derulo’s behavior during their music collaboration.

Gibson, a former member of the girl group Ceraadi, claims that Derulo approached her in August 2021 for a joint venture involving his music label, Future History, and Atlantic Records. What started as a promising collaboration allegedly took a dark turn as Derulo is accused of making inappropriate advances and demands.

The lawsuit alleges that Derulo told Gibson that her success in the music industry hinged on participating in activities he cryptically referred to as “goat skin and fish scales.” These references are said to be related to Haitian sxual rituals, implying a disturbing expectation of sxual favors in exchange for professional mentorship.

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Derulo’s conduct allegedly included pressuring Gibson to drink during late-night recording sessions. Gibson, feeling pressured and wanting to succeed in her work, accepted the offer despite expressing that the drink was too strong. The lawsuit claims that this incident marked a shift in their collaboration, with Derulo allegedly no longer arranging transportation for Gibson to and from the studio.

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Emaza Gibson’s attorney, Ron Zambrano, has called Derulo’s behavior “despicable” and emphasized the emotional toll it has taken on his client. The lawsuit accuses Derulo, Future History, and Atlantic Records of several offenses, including s*xual harassment, retaliation, and violation of California’s Civil Rights Act.

In response to the allegations, Jason Derulo took to Instagram to deny the accusations, calling them “false and hurtful.” His representative reiterated this denial to PEOPLE. Fans have expressed support for Derulo, with some praising his direct response to the allegations.

Jason Derulo sued for allegedly expecting sex after signing singer to  record deal

However, Gibson’s attorney criticized Derulo’s denial, stating that if he truly supported people pursuing their dreams, he should acknowledge the pain caused. The attorney suggested that the music industry needs a #MeToo movement to address pervasive misconduct.

As the legal battle unfolds, Emaza Gibson emphasizes the need for accountability. She shares her struggles post-incident, detailing the impact on her music career and mental well-being. The lawsuit seeks compensation for various damages, including emotional distress.

This controversy raises significant questions about accountability within the entertainment industry and the prevalence of s*xual harassment. As both parties prepare for a legal battle, the public awaits further developments in this disturbing case.

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