Dwight Howard Comes Out Of Closet & Exposes Hollywood Men He SLEPT With

Dwight Howard Comes Out Of Closet & Exposes Hollywood Men He SLEPT With

          Dwight Howard got himself in deep legal trouble but he may be able to get out of it if he admits he is gay

A Georgia man named Stephen Harper who also goes by the name of Kitty, filed a sexual assault lawsuit against former NBA star Dwight Howard.

The basketball player who currently represents the Taoyuan Leopards of the Chinese T1 League had to come out and deny allegations against him.

However, doing so may have forced Howard to accept in a very public manner that he has non-heterosexual preferences.

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In a video he uploaded himself, Dwight Howard pretty much accepted he consensually got entangled with Harper but also called out people who are getting in his business. As a public figure, Dwight Howard is in constant danger of having his private life completely exposed. If the public wants to know something about a celebrity’s life, the media will make sure they do by any means necessary.

Dwight Howard’s sexual preferences

Harper’s allegations seems to be only the tip of the iceberg, as Dwight Howard has been dropping clues about his sexual preferences for many years. There have always been rumors that Howard has dated and been involved with transgender women and men. The video he posted pretty much confirms all the clues that were already there, but there is a good chance Dwight Howard is actually bisexual. After attorney Justin Bailey denied the allegations, Howard said this on Instagram live: “Y’all can stop with the nonsense and worrying about all this bull crap. Y’all are worried about who people spend their time with. Whatever I’m doing in my bedroom is my damn business… That ain’t for everybody and everybody don’t need to know… y’all just weird.”

What ever Dwight Howard’s sexual preferences may be, the evidence does suggest he may be bisexual. Keep in mind Dwight Howard has give children with different women. He was also married to WNBA player Te’a Cooper, with whom he remained married until 2021. Amid all the rumors and controversy over Howard’s sexual orientation, this recent video from model Whitney Nicole Ritchie is making people think Dwight was the man involved in this story. But Dwight won the Championship in the Bubble during the peak of the pandemic. Although he may fit the description, it’s still unlikely due to all the restrictions at the time.

Dwight Howard in China

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