Discovering the Special Bond among the Jackson Siblings

Discovering the Special Bond among the Jackson Siblings

The Unbreakable Bond Within the Jackson Family: Paris Jackson Opens Up About Her ‘Older Brother’ Omer Bhatti

A Heartwarming Episode on “Unfiltered”

Paris Jackson, the 25-year-old progeny of pop legend Michael Jackson, took to her Facebook Watch series, “Unfiltered,” to unveil a touching familial tale. The story centers around Omer Bhatti, a 38-year-old Norwegian dancer and rapper, who considers himself more than just a friend to the Jackson family—he views himself as an older sibling to Paris, Prince, and Blanket Jackson.

Omer Bhatti: The Unexpected Brother Figure

Omer’s presence in the Jackson family dynamic came as a revelation, breaking the preconceived notion that Paris had only two brothers, Prince and Blanket. Omer described how he had been a part of Paris’ life since her infancy, contributing to her upbringing. He feels a brotherly love towards Paris, fulfilling his lifelong dream of having younger siblings in her, Prince, and Blanket.

Mutual Admiration and Unwavering Bonds

Paris reciprocated Omer’s sentiments, speaking warmly about the unbreakable bond she shares with him. What sets their relationship apart is its conflict-free nature, a rarity in most sibling dynamics.

“In a world filled with complex relationships, the pure love and friendship between Paris and Omer are refreshing.”

Omer’s Role as the Guiding Elder

With a close view of the siblings’ growth over the years, Omer acknowledged Paris’ strong-willed and rebellious nature. While he found more in common with Prince in terms of values, Omer felt a sense of responsibility to act as a guiding figure for Paris.

Omer’s First Encounter with the King of Pop

Popularly known as O-Bee, Omer first met Michael Jackson at just nine years old. Recalling his relationship with the late superstar, Omer described Michael as both a mentor and father figure. Omer soaked in life lessons and experiences from Michael, who he viewed as a role model, even touring with him.

Beyond Conventional Definitions of Family

The enduring bonds within the Jackson family defy conventional definitions, proving that love and shared experiences can forge an unbreakable kinship. Paris, Prince, and Blanket Jackson find solace and support in having an “older brother” like Omer, showcasing the power and beauty of chosen families.

“The Jackson family is living proof that the essence of family can be cultivated through love, mentorship, and everlasting bonds.”

By embracing each other as true family members, Paris Jackson and Omer Bhatti have given us all a lesson in the power and flexibility of familial love.

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