Beyoncé's world tour bringing in record numbers before Thursday’s D-FW stop

Beyoncé’s world tour bringing in record numbers before Thursday’s D-FW stop

The tour earned $127.6 million between July 8-30, the largest one-month sum for any artist, according to figures reported to Billboard Boxscore.

Beyoncé will arrive at AT&T Stadium in Arlington on Thursday at a record-breaking pace.

The Houston-born singer’s “Renaissance World Tour” is on a roll, according to figures reported to Billboard Boxscore.

Beyoncé’s tour has earned $127.6 million in total gross revenue over 11 shows between July 8-30, the largest one-month sum for any artist since Billboard started tracking tour data across various musical genres in 1985.

She also drew 503,000 concertgoers for the 11 shows.

Beyoncé's world tour bringing in record numbers before Thursday's D-FW stop

Among top artists, she has two of the top three gross ticket sales figures for July concerts with $33.1 million for a two-show stop in East Rutherford, N.J., and $30.1 million for her two-show stop in Chicago. She generated $18.3 million at the Rogers Centre in Toronto to rank No. 7 on the same chart. She also appears at at Nos. 20, 24, 27, and 30, showing more than anyone else in the rankings.

Her five-run show at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London grossed $42.2 million, the highest-grossing engagement by a woman, Black artist or any American artist.

Through Aug. 1, Billboard’s numbers indicate “The Renaissance World Tour” has grossed $295.8 million, already Beyoncé’s highest-grossing tour yet, passing the $256.1 million grossed in “The Formation World Tour”. Billboard expects the total to pass half a billion dollars in her tour’s final two months.

Taylor Swift has not yet reported numbers for “The Eras Tour,” according to Billboard. Swift set a three-day attendance record at AT&T Stadium with 210,607 concert-goers from March 31 to April 2.

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Billboard’s July numbers were published on Aug. 24. Figures for August have yet to be released.

How Beyoncé will build on her numbers at AT&T Stadium is not clear. Stadium capacity will depend on how the stage is configured, and no details have been released by the Dallas Cowboys or Live Nation.

Going by previous Beyoncé appearances at AT&T Stadium, attendance could be below 50,000. In 2016, she drew 44,270. She and Jay-Z drew 47,461 in 2014 and 45,099 in 2018. On her current tour, she pulled in 106,000 in two shows in East Rutherford, N.J., and 97,700 in two shows in Chicago.

In a survey fielded for The New York Times, QuestionPro found that Beyoncé fans funded tickets heavily out of their regular income and spent $1,800 on average for the concert.

Peter Cohan, senior contributor for Forbes, ran the numbers and found Beyoncé could clear nearly $2.1 billion from her current tour.

“Odds are good ‘Renaissance’ could be Beyoncé’s most lucrative concert tour — possibly exceeding the revenue she has earned from all her previous concerts combined,” Cohen wrote.

CORRECTION, 2:45 p.m., Sept. 21, 2023: A chart in an earlier version of this story showed incorrect attendance numbers for Beyoncé’s shows in Chicago and Minneapolis due to a typographical error. According to Billboard, 97,700 attended the Chicago show, not 977,000, and 39,400 attended the Minneapolis show, not 394,000.

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