Another one bites the dust as Lori Harvey dumps Damson Idris

Another one bites the dust as Lori Harvey dumps Damson Idris

American model and influencer Lori Harvey has gained herself quite the reputation as a heartbreaker.

Over the last few years, Lori has dated a number of famous Hollywood men and dumped them all one by one.

The star’s most popular relationship was with Wakanda actor Michael B Jordan

but that ended in tears when she became the first of the two to clear her social media pages of his pictures.

Lori then moved on to actor Damson Idris but it looks like that ship has sailed too.

Lori Harvey Damson Idris

The news of this latest breakup has seen Lori shoot up on Twitter trends as Tweeps discuss Lori’s relationships and how quickly she ends them.

Lori Harvey — the daughter of actor and presenter Steve Harvey — is well known for breaking many hearts.

Over the last few years, the model has dated and dumped many famous Hollywood stars and it looks like there’s just no stopping her.

Lori Harvey
Lori Harvey has dumped Damson Idris. Images via Instagram @loriharvey.

Her latest relationship with Nigerian-born British-based actor Damson Idris has reportedly come to an end.

The pair dated for only three months but appear to have cut ties.

According to IOL, a close friend revealed that the pair are no longer together and are now focusing on their separate lives.

The source also said that there was no cheating or beef between the pair.

“They were dating, and it was great, but they’re no longer around each other like that. There’s no beef, no cheating, nothing like that. They’re just doing their own thing right now.”

Tweeps are shook

The news of their breakup has spread far and wide on Twitter and has left peeps discussing Lori Harvey’s relationship timeline.

“ This Girl should give herself some break… Every man is taking turn with her, more like a pick n drop kinda Girl… It’s okay Lori, just give it a break and reflect on urself moving forward,” wrote one Tweep about the breakup.

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