50 Cent Goes Off On Jada Pinkett Smith For Lying About Tupac

50 Cent Goes Off On Jada Pinkett Smith For Lying About Tupac

Jada Pinkett Smith (Gotham) and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson (Power),

are not happy with the new film about the life of slain rapper Tupac Shakur, that is off to a strong start at the box office.

Lionsgate‘s All Eyez On Me, starring Demetrius Shipp Jr. and Kat Graham, opened today on what would have been Shakur’s 46th birthday.

Graham plays Pinkett Smith, who met Shakur in her hometown of Baltimore when the two were teens. Pinkett Smith took to Twitter to express her disdain for the film, which she called “deeply hurtful.”

However, she praised Graham and Shipp, saying her perceived problems with the film were not their fault.

Lastly, she paid tribute to Shakur , tweeting “Happy birthday Pac, you are cradled in my heart for eternity. I love you..”

50 Cent took to Instagram to blast the film, calling it “trash.”

The Lionsgate Code Black/Morgan Creek film could unseat Wonder Woman for the No. 2 spot this weekend at the domestic box office.

Jada Pinkett Smith says Tupac shaved his head because he began to develop alopecia, but he kept it quiet. Thoughts? : r/Tupac

SEE MORE: Kevin Sorbo Says Hollywood Men Aren’t ‘Manly’ And Pays A Heavy Price

Kevin Sorbo Speaks Out on Hollywood’s Changing View of Masculinity

A Shift in Masculine Portrayals

Veteran actor Kevin Sorbo, best known for his iconic role in the 1995 movie “Hercules,”

is voicing concern over the evolving representation of men in Hollywood.

According to Sorbo, the American film industry has been pushing an agenda that undermines traditional views of masculinity for the past twenty years.

“Change is inevitable, but how we portray masculinity in the media can leave a lasting impact on society.”

Questioning Hollywood’s Gender Balance

In his article, “Let’s Make Hollywood Manly Again,” Sorbo criticizes the film industry for displaying men as submissive characters who are overshadowed by strong, independent women. He takes issue with the way fathers are often shown as ineffectual and lacking significance in both their families and communities.

The Superhero Debate

While some counter that contemporary superhero films do offer robust, masculine role models, Sorbo begs to differ. He asserts that there’s a distorted perception of manliness in society and calls for on-screen male figures that could serve as genuine role models for young men and ideal partners for young women.

“The essence of a hero extends beyond capes and superpowers. It’s about virtues that men should aspire to.”

Pointing Fingers at Fashion and Lifestyle Choices

Sorbo also discusses the growing acceptance of androgynous men in society, specifically mentioning actor Timothée Chalamet’s sartorial choices as an example. Additionally, Sorbo raises concerns about problems affecting men today, such as addiction to substances, video games, and adult content, although he doesn’t back these claims with solid evidence.

A Call for Responsible Fatherhood

The actor stresses the importance of responsible, involved fathers who can be dependable providers and protectors for their families. Sorbo believes Hollywood should focus on creating characters that embody these admirable traits, as they would serve as ideal heroes for young boys to look up to.

“The role of a father is not just to provide but to guide and protect. Hollywood needs to reflect this.”

Controversial Statements Spark Debate

Sorbo’s opinions have ignited a firestorm of debate, with many arguing that his views are extreme and don’t resonate with current societal norms. Nevertheless, the conversation on the changing depictions of masculinity and the impact on societal expectations continues to be a hot topic.

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